Andover Prep Academy

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The 2016 School Year Begins!

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Welcome To Andover Prep Academy!

Once upon a time... That's how every story starts out right? The princess is in distress, the prince saves her, the villain is locked away or banished. Everyone gets their happily ever after or what they deserve, right? The story ends, book is closed. Right? But what happens after the story ends? After the princess and prince get married? After the villain is locked away, banished from their home? After the sidekicks are no longer needed? 

      Well, here it is... After Prince Charming and Cinderella got married, they brought all the kingdoms together, joining them into an alliance under the name of one kingdom: the Kingdom of Andover. 

     Their first declaration as King and Queen was that a school be built. Not only for the now princesses and princes but for the villains' children as well. Of course, these particular parents were not allowed to step foot within the kingdom or school; they had caused too much damage and chaos for them to be given a second chance. But their children had not chosen their parents' way of life, simply being born into, and so deserved the benefit of the doubt.  

     Many disagreed with this decision. How dare the children be given this chance? Their parents were villains, bad as bad could get, truly the worst of the worst. Nothing but rotten to the core. Obviously they would have been raised to be the same. No one could trust them! But under the guidance of their kings and queens, the people were reassured.

       Even the villains were hesitant at first. What if this was a trap? No villain child was sent to the school for several years after it was opened. Their parents kept them close until the headmistress, the Fairy Godmother herself, sent an open invitation out to all those who were of age, promising no harm would come to any child while they attended her academy.  Slowly, they began to send their children to the school as well, some perhaps hoping to set their children on different paths - or at least open those paths for them to make the choice themselves.

     Now it's your choice... Are you Hero or just Commoner? Villain? Prince or Princess? Welcome to Andover Prep Academy!